Microfiber Mops

Product Description

Teknimop is an excellent choice for controlled environment cleaning of floors, walls, & ceilings in controlled environments. Best performance is provided by combining the “pick-up” of microfiber, absorbency of foam, & strength of polyester. Lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use on all surfaces; Compatible with most solvents & cleaning solutions. Robust design allows for effective washing & re-use as protocols allow. Best performance at economical costs. Class 10 Laundered & Packaged

Composition & Attributes

  • Ultra Low Particle, Fiber NVR & ION Levels
  • Free of Silicon, Amides, and DOP contamination
  • Microfiber Surface / PU Foam Inner / Polyester Support
  • Cleanroom laundered for your critical janitorial needs


  • Surface cleaning (smooth or textured) floors, walls, ceilings, hoods
  • Hi liquid holding capacity facilitates surface exposure & easy use
  • Excellent surface area for best contact and removal of contaminants
  • Durable design allows for wash & re-use with standard hardware
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 10-10000) environments
  • Available Sterile for Aseptic Environments; Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation

Purity Specifications

Particles & Fibers Maximum
particles/m2 Particles (>0.5micron) <300
fiber/m2 Fibers (>100 micron)  <500
Nonvolatile Residue
g/m2 / ug/cm2 IPA Extractant <0.5
g/m2 / ug/cm2 IPA Extractant <0.5


Collapsible 304 SS polished Frame & Wringer assembly, Expandable Fiberglass (Autoclavable) Handle 36 Liter (White) Bucket & 9 Liter (Blue) Waste Containment Buckets, Polypropylene, 3″ Casters

Ordering Information

Product # Size Packaging
TS-PFM-1T Teknimop, Microfiber/Foam, 4″ x 16″ 1 Bag, 50 Bags/Case
TS-PFM-1S Teknimop, Microfiber/Foam, 4″ x 16″ 1 Bag, 50 Bags/Case
TM-PFM-SYS Mop Hardware Kit
SS Frame, Wringer, Plastic Handle & Double Buckets
 1 each / Case

*Hardware sold seperately

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Physical Properties

  • Material:
    • Polyester / Microfiber / PU Foam
  • Absorbency:
    • Extrinsive Capacity: >220 ml/m2
    • Intrinsic Capacity: >2.5 ml/g
    • Sorptive Rate: <1 second
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