Woven Microfiber Swab

Product Description

TekniSwab is an excellent critical-purpose swab that features a combination of foam & textured microfiber for best “pick-up” providing consistent force & cleanliness for cleaning small and hard to reach areas. Constructed with double layers of microfiber & foam, the ideal swab to effectively remove and hold liquid or dry contaminants in volume. Cleanroom laundered microfiber & foam head possesses high solvent capacity & strength. Free of organic contaminants Highest cleanliness & best “pick-up” makes it ideal in cleaning critical surfaces. Class 100 Laundered & Packaged

Composition & Attributes

  • Ultra Low Particle, Fiber NVR & ION Levels
  • Free of Silicon, Amides, and DOP contamination
  • Double-Layer PU Foam & Knit Microfiber Head material
  • High solvent capacity, non-abrasive tip, best pick-up

Contamination Characteristics

Particles Upper Limits
Readily Releasable Particles > 0.5μm < 60,000counts/swab
Ion Content
Chloride (Cl-) < 1.0μg/swab
Sulphate (SO42-) < 1.0μg/swab
Total Anions < 1.0μg/swab
Non-Volatile Residue
IPA extractant: < 1.0mg/swab
DIW extractant: < 1.0mg/swab
Organic Contamination
FTIR No Detectable Silicone, Amide or DOP

Ordering Information

Product Description Packaging
TS-FMD-6 Flexible head w/ 6″ Long Handle  50 Bag 20 Bags/Case
Microfiber Head: Polyurethane Foam Inner Layer / Knit Microfiber Outer Layer
Head Bond:  Thermal
Head Shape:  Paddle
Head Length: 15mm
Head Width: 6.6mm
Handle Material:  Polypropylene
Handle Length: 147mm
Handle Width: 3.2 mm
Total Swab Length: 162 mm
Handle Color: Light Green
TS-FMD-5 Wide Flat head w/ Rigid 5″ Long Handle 50 Bag, 20 Bags/Case
Head Bond: Thermal
Head Shape: Paddle
Head Length: 22.0 mm
Head Width: 13.2 mm
Handle Material:  Polypropylene
Handle Length: 103.0 mm
Handle Width: 5.3mm
Total Swab Length: 125.0 mm
Handle Color: Light Green
TS-FMD-3   Rigid Small Round head w/ 3″ Short Rigid Handle 50 Bag, 20 Bags/Case
Head Bond:   Thermal
Head Shape:   Small Round
Head Length: 7.4mm
Head Width: 4.0 mm
Handle Material:   Polypropylene
Handle Length: 60.0mm
Handle Width: 2.5 mm
Total Swab Length: 70 mm
Handle Color: Light Green

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  • Cleaning small, slotted and hard to reach areas with solvents
  •  Applying lubricants or other liquids
  •  Remove flux residues and excess materials.
  • For critical purpose cleaning.
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 100-10000) environments
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