TekniSwab Polyester Knit Swab

Product Description

The TekniSwab is an excellent critical-purpose swab that features exceptional cleanliness & performance with with rigid handle providing consistent force & cleanliness for cleaning small and hard to reach areas. Constructed with double layers of clean Polyurethane foam & the ideal swab to effectively eliminate contamination on critical surfaces. Cleanroom laundered double layer head possesses high solvent capacity. It is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amide and phthalate esters. Best cleanliness & retention make it ideal in cleaning or sampling large & small surfaces. Very low non-volatile residue, ion content and particle generation. Class 10 Laundered & Packaged

Composition & Attributes

  • Ultra Low Particle, Fiber NVR & ION Levels
  • Free of Silicon, Amides, and DOP contamination
  • Open cell Polyurethane foam head material
  • High solvent capacity, non-abrasive tip, best pick-up


  • Cleaning small, slotted and hard to reach areas
  • Remove or add flux residues and materials
  • For critical purpose cleaning with high absorbtion
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-7 (Class 10-10K) environments

Contamination Characteristics

Particles & Fibers
Releasable Particles    < 900 counts/swab
 > 0.5μm
Nonvolatile Residue
IPA Extractant < 0.03 mg/swab
DIW Extractant  < 0.02 mg/swab
Chloride (Cl-) < 0.02 μg/swab
Sulphate (SO42-) < 0.02 μg/swab
Organic Contamination
FTIR No Detectable Silicone, Amide, DOP

Polyurethane Head: Clean Polyurethane, 100ppi, Open Cell,
Head Bond: Thermal
Head Shape: Paddle
Head Width: 6.7 mm
Head Length: 16.5 mm
Handle Material: Polypropylene
Handle Width: 3.2 mm
Handle Length: 145.0 mm
Total Length: 160.0 mm
Handle Color: Light Green (other colors available)

Ordering Information

Product Description Packaging
TS-F-6    Polyurethan Foam Swab (Double layer) 100 Bag (2 Inner Bags/50)
   Round Head w/ 6″ Long Handle 10 Bags/Case



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