Sealed Edge Microfiber Cleanroom Wiper

 Product Description

Tekniclean microfiber wipes are designed & constructed with yarn as fine as 0.1 decitex, knitted extremely tight to ensure wipe durability. The structure of the yarn (30% Nylon / 70% Polyester) provides hydrophilic properties of nylon, loipophilic polyester properties, and the capillary effect of the dense construction provides a high level of water absorbency and superior wiping efficiency. We use a high temperature, high pressure process to split the yarn and release the 8-16 wedges of polyester yarn and shrink the cloth up to 40% to increase density. This process provides an extremely soft fabric that will leave no scratches on wiped objects. The wedge like yarn structure effectively traps micro-contamination (particles & bacteria) without re-contaminating the surface. All Tekniclean wipes utilize Statistical Process Control in manufacturing and are lot traceable from raw material to finished product. Class 10 Laundered & Packaged

Composition & Attributes

  • Tightly knit & pre-shrunk 70% Hi Strength Polyester & 30% Nylon fiber
  • Ultra Low particle and fiber generation
  • Ultrasonic Sealed Edges or Borders for best fiber & particle retention
  • Proprietary Lint Removal Technology for true lint free surface
  • Free of Silicon, Amides, and DOP contamination
  • Solvent safe double bag cleanroom packaging
  • Resists abrasion when used with rough surfaces
  • Works well with IPA and other cleaning solvents


  • Ideal for removing water & oil based contamination
  • Works well for process cleaning; ultra pure substrate / best performance
  • Silky texture will not scratch sensitive surfaces when force is applied
  • Works well for difficult particle removal; excellent abrasion resistance
  • Best abrasion resistance; excellent choice for wiping process tool chambers
  • Recommended for Optical, LCD, & Hard Disk Drive cleaning
  • Compatible with ISO Class 4-5 (Class 10-100) environments

Ordering Information

Product Size Packaging
TC2MFU1-34 3″ X 4″ 20 Ea/Bag¬† 100 Bag/Case


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Physical Properties


  • Basis Weight: 190-220 g/m2
  • Material:
    • 30% Nylon / 70% Polyester
    • 0.1 decitex; 16 wedge
  • Absorbency
    • Extrinsic Capacity: >280ml/m2
    • Intrinsic Capacity:  >2.4 ml/g
    • Sorptive Rate: < 2 seconds
  • Test Method
    • IEST 4.3 Section 8.1
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