Class 1-10 (ISO 3-4)

Teknipure controls the entire manufacturing process from fabrication to washing to testing; investing in purity thru innovative technology. Teknipure sealed border knit wipers are the cleanest & best performing choice for your most critical tasks. Available in polyester knit, quilted polyester knit, and microfiber substrates to meet every application. These ultra pure wipers are available pre-wetted as TekniSat or dry as TekniClean, many standard and custom configurations are available.

  • Dry Wipers

    Tekniclean Sealed Border wipes provide the lowest levels of Particles, Fibers, Ion’s and NVR’s for your most critical cleaning needs. Available in a variety of knit substrates for optimum performance in your specific application. Maximum cleanliness and fiber control. Best wipers available.

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  • Pre-Saturated Wipers

    Teknisat Sealed Border wipes provide the lowest levels of contamination available with the added benefit of precise solvent saturation to ensure optimal particle removal, retention, and solvent usage. Available in multiple packaging options and solvent solutions to meet various environmental and process cleaning applications. Best performing, cleanest pre-wetted wipers.

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