Teknipure maintains complete control over the manufacturing of its products from start to finish ensuring the highest quality product is provided to you. This starts with strict control and selection of raw materials, throughout converting, processing, packaging, and finally testing all in controlled environments of increasing cleanliness. Our production areas include Class 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 environments to ensure cleanliness is not compromised. Ultra pure 18 Mega Ohm Deionized water and purge gases are used in the processing and packaging of our products.

We maintain Statistical Process Control throughout production to ensure consistency and compliance to specification. Quality Control staff is on site during all production and monitor every step of the process. Teknipure maintains a complete analytical laboratory at our factory to verify and ensure our stringent specifications are continually met. Testing criteria for every lot include: Basis weight, Sorbency, ESD, and Cleanliness (LPC, IC, NVR, & FTIR). We utilize industry standard test methodologies (IEST RP-CC004.3) and can also test to your specific needs and procedures.

We are so confident in our products we provide all lot test data online at www.teknipure.com as a technical resource for your ease of access. This test data provides complete traceability from raw material to finished product. Our specifications are accurate and thorough and we look forward to being challenged by our customers. Additionally, our technical data is real time with upper and lower limitations, not a “Typical Product Value” that has no real bearing on your needs.

Teknipure understands the critical nature of your applications and accordingly, quality and performance are our primary concerns. We are confident this will be illustrated as you review our data, analyze our products and learn to trust in Teknipure.