• TekniMop


    Our microfiber cleaning systems provide best performance, protection, and value. Available in disposable & re-washable styles.

  • TekniMat


    An excellent means to effectively capture & hold contamination introduced by foot & cart traffic. Multi-layered clean-film adhesive layers effectively capture contamination before it enters the controlled environment. Peel layers of the mat to reveal a new clean surface. Available in White & Blue in various sizes

  • TekniMask


    Pleated 3-layer non-linting facemask provides 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency & operator comfort with reduced breath thwart; a cleaner, odor free, & better performing mask with your products & operators in mind

  • TekniSwab

    Woven Microfiber Swab

    TekniSwab is an excellent critical-purpose swab that features our patented textured microfiber for best “pick-up” with a long handle providing consistent force & cleanliness for cleaning small and hard to reach areas.

  • Teknipro

    Nitrile Gloves

    These critical use nitrile gloves feature
    advanced cleanroom processing,
    consistency, & control. Strong &
    comfortable to wear, with extended 12”
    cuff length & ultra clean specifications.

  • TekniClean Economy Knit Wipes

    Sealed Edge Polyester Wipe

    Laundered polyester critical task wiper, sealed edges minimize fiber release, processed to ultra clean specifications. Available in many cut or roll sizes. Best choice for product wrapping/packaging, & controlled environment cleaning

  • Tekniclean Microfiber Cleanroom

    Best Wipe

    Ultra-fine microfiber wedges grab, capture and hold micro-contamination like no other. Exceptionally clean, durable and soft; the ideal choice for best pick up. Excellent abrasion resistance protects your most critical process applications. Available in both heavyweight knit & lightweight mixed weave.

  • TekniClean Quilted Cleanroom

    Quilted Polyester Wipes

    Quilted heavyweight polyester (2-ply) provides optimum liquid & contamination holding capacity, sealed edges or borders provide maximum fiber retention & cleanliness. Most absorbent, clean & durable wipe available. Ideal for wet process & paste removal applications.

  • TekniClean

    Best Polyester Knit Wipes

    Exceptional intrinsic purity & particle removal/holding capabilities for your most critical tasks. Sealed edges & borders provide maximum fiber and particle retention, double knit polyester construction is durable yet soft. Available in many configurations, sizes & specifications.

  • TekniZorb

    Non Woven Cleanroom Wipes

    Strong; Super Absorbent, Lint Free, Economically Priced.

    Works well with solvent solutions.

  • TekniSat

    Pre-Wetted Cleanroom Wipes

    Ultra-pure chemistry combined with exceptionally clean substrate;
    saturated to optimum level to maximize cleaning yields. Available in convenient re-sealable pouches or earth friendly re-fillable pails. Best choice for cleanroom & equipment wipe downs; housekeeping.


Non Woven Cleanroom Wipes

  • Strong
  • Clean
  • Very Absorbant


Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes

  • Exceptionally Clean
  • Convient & Efficient
  • Earth Friendly and Safe


Knit Wipes

  • Ultra Pure
  • Enhanced Particle Retention
  • Durable, Yet Soft


Nitrile Gloves

  • Strong, Comfortable & Clean
  • 12” Extended Cuff Length
  • 5.5 mil White Nitrile


Woven Microfiber & Polyester Knit Swabs

  • Ultra clean, soft & abrasion resistant
  • Superior “pick-up” for best results
  • Best choice for cleaning & sampling critical surfaces


Cleanroom Facemask

  • Ultra clean lint free materials
  • Super efficient 99.9% filtration efficiency
  • Soft & comfortable to wear


Adhesive Mats

  • Removes >95% floor contamination
  • PE film sheets easiliy removed/replaced
  • Multiple sizes available in White or Blue


Microfiber Mops

  • Best cleaning performance
  • Abrasion & snag resistant
  • Absorbent, Ergonomic & Effective

Cleanroom Supplies: Wipes, Swabs, Mops, Gloves, Face Masks & Adhesive Mats


Teknipure provides you with cleanroom consumables that will give you confidence and security that your cleanrooms will remain pure and uncontaminated to protect production yields. We constantly strive to create better, purer cleanroom products that benefit our customers.

Tekniclean, Teknisat, Teknizorb, Tekniswab, Teknimask, & Teknimat, critical use wipers, swabs, gloves, facemasks & adhesive mats to improve cleanliness on any applied surfaces. TekniSwab microfiber cleaning swabs enable users to apply consistent force for superior pick-up and cleaning performance on hard to reach surfaces and for best cleaning validation results. TekniPro cleanroom gloves are comfortable for wearers and meet ultra clean specifications. The nitrile gloves give the user excellent feel without compromising cleanliness. TekniPure cleanroom products are designed to meet a variety of needs, and will allow you to keep your critical environments free from contamination.